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Our Philosophy

The decision to improve the shape of your body is highly personal.

You want a specific look and a doctor that understands your concerns and desires.

You want an experienced surgeon with an artistic eye who dwells on details and puts your well being above all else.

Dr. Jose R. Hurtado Vidal is just that type of surgeon. Specializing in liposuction using the latest techniques with the smallest possible incisions, you will recover faster and be more comfortable in the post operative period.


From your first consultation to your last follow up visit, you will be pampered and treated with compassion and integrity.

The entire staff is trained to make your experience a positive one.

During the initial consultation The Doctor will listen to what you want and learn about your medical history.

After a brief examination, you will review pre and post operative photos of patients and decide what look is best for you.

All of your questions will be answered with detailed individualized information and a quote for the procedure will be provided. Scheduling is quick and easy.

Your surgery will be performed at a hospital affiliated outpatient surgery center where your care is provided by anesthesiologists.

The procedure will take few hours and you will be on your way home soon thereafter.

All follow up care is included. There will often be no stitches to remove. You will be wearing a compression garment for 7 to 10 days and be able to return to walking exercises in three days.

We have seen and treated people from all backgrounds with all types of defects over the years and have thousands of happy patients. No one in our practice is more important than you.

We want each of our patients to feel confident that their comfort and well-being are our utmost priorities before, during and after their procedures.

When you choose HV Plastic Surgery you enter into a relationship built on mutual trust and respect. We look forward to seeing you.

Our Areas Of Expertise


Markedly less post-op pain with techniques that have developed over time. Some patients do not even take post-op pain medicine.


We have developed a face/neck lifting technique using short scars that has very fast recovery and gives an amazingly natural look. Most patients are back to work in a week.


We have developed a method that contours the abdomen leaving your ideal shape and definition. This technique also dramatically reduces the most common complication of seroma formation.


We use thin cannulas to achieve smooth results using the latest in tumescent, power assisted and ultrasonic liposuction techniques.


A Mommy Makeover involves enhancing women’s bodies post-pregnancy. The amount of procedures chosen to achieve this varies from patient to patient.

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